Company provides services for comprehensive design of industrial facilities, buildings and structures.

For the projects that are executed by “Elevar” on turn-key basis, the company acts as a General Designer and carries out works from helping the Client to select land for construction and position the project there, developing a task for design, finishing it with arrangement of authorized supervision of implemented design solutions and participating in acceptance of the project for operation.

“Elevar” executes the following works

 independent development of documentation on all stages – from sketch design till detailed design;

 adaptation of design documentation to Russian regulations;

 expertise of design documentation before getting positive conclusion and getting permitting documentation for construction;

 development of measures for environmental safety;

 analysis of power efficiency of buildings and structures. Calculations of emissions;

 calculation of allowed discharge to water bodies;

 calculation of ground level concentration of contaminating substances including spread in atmosphere;

 noise impact calculation for different equipment operating simultaneously;

 calculating category of rooms, building and structures related to explosion and fire safety.

Addition services

 helping the Client to prepare and format initial technical data for design;

 preparation and execution of tender for equipment supply for designed facility in favor of the Client;

 technical and process audit, consulting.

Our advantages

Company executes all volumes of design package with good quality thus reducing time for design of construction projects and reducing the investment costs at the end.

Design documentation is developed with mandatory use of existing regulations and also taking into account internal regulations of the Client.

Engineers of “Elevar” are using modern software and process packages allowing for increase of quality of the works, reduce risks, shorten time for commissioning of the projects.

Company bears full responsibility for developed design documentation. Undertakes support and defense of suggested design solution at state expertise for regional and federal level projects.

Certificates and licenses

“Elevar” Company has all necessary documentation for the works influencing safety of capital civil projects:

 works for preparation of land arrangement scheme;

 works for preparation of architectural solutions;

 works for preparation of construction solutions;

 works for preparation of data on internal services, internal utilities, list of engineering and technical measures;

 works for preparation of data on external utilities, list of engineering and technical measures;

 works for preparation of process solutions;

 works for preparation of method statement, dismantling of buildings and structures, prolongation of operational and conservation time;

 works for preparation of draft documentation for measures supporting disabled people;

 works for survey of construction structures and buildings.

All engineers of design department are certified for knowledge of regulations of industrial safety.

Design department has certificate permitting to work influencing safety of capital civil projects during engineering of hazardous, highly hazardous and technically complex and unique industrial facilities as per Federal Law 190 of Civil Code of Russian Federation.

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