Science and innovation

“Elevar” is engaged in applied science for creation of new highly efficient facilities and improving existing ones. In this direction company:

  Develops/ exercises new resource saving and ecologically safe applied technologies
  Scales technologies
  Integrates technologies

 Field of research and development:

   Diary industry
 - fractionating of milk constituents
 - recovery of salt brines
 - recovery of detergents

 - separating biomass from culture liquid
 - fractionating and concentrating of proteins
 - vitamins technologies
 - technology of enzyme preparation
 - sterilizing cross-flow filtration
 - purification and concentration of vegetable extracts
 - technology of amino acids

   Industrial facilities
 - waste water treatment
 - mineral oils purification
 - recovery of de-oiling solutions
 - recovery of detergent solutions
 - re-processing of waste lubricants and coolants
 - return of pigments

   Food and processing industry
 - receiving of valuable components from secondary vegetable raw materials: brewer’s grains, distillery grains, beet pulp, pomace, deep milled rice flour and hulls, grape pulp and stone
 - receiving of valuable components from secondary animal raw materials: fur-and-feather and meat-and-bone wastes
 - production of pectin without aggressive media
 - production of isolate of soya protein

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