Food industry

    OOO Unilever CIS, Margarine plant,
Engineering. Installation of mayonnaise production lines. Installation of margarine production line. Installation and piping of the oil separator. Installation and tie-in of the filter. Installation-and-welding works. Insulation of pipelines and tanks. Electrical installation materials delivery. Electrical installation works. Commissioning works.
    York Refrigeration ApS, bread production plant, Cerealia Unibake Ltd.
Moscow Region  
Engineering. Design and installation of the pipelines and equipment. 
    OOO Nestle Food, OAO Khladoprodukt
Krasnodar region
Engineering. Manufacturing of tanks.
    Children Food Complex
Installation of process equipment.
    OAO Atyraubalyk
Atyrau, Kazakhstan  
Engineering. Installation of equipment. Electrical installation of the compressor station.
    Canning plant Bonduelle
Krasnodar region
Installation of process pipelines and equipment.
    AO Gerico France, Kargill industrial complex
Tula region  
Installation of process equipment.
    OAO Uzlovskij yeast plant
Tula region
Engineering. Manufacturing of the heat-exchanger.
    OOO Bunge CIS, Butter extraction plant
Voronezh region
Engineering. Equipment delivery.
    ZAO Ruskan
Moscow region
Engineering. Works on mechanical installation.
    OOO Kraft Foods, confectionary plant
Vladimir region  
Equipment delivery. Works on mechanical installation and commissioning. 
    OOO Nestle Food, OAO Confectionary Union of Russia
Engineering. Design of process equipment layout and pipelines routing . Manufacturing of tanks. Installation-and-welding works. Electrical installation works. 
    OOO Wrigley St.
Engineering. Design works at the flavouring agents department. Issuance of as-built documentation. Organisation of the expertise on the industrial safety. Receipt of permit from Gosgortechnadzor for putting into operation. Installation-and-welding works. 
    CH2M Hill/Lockwood GREENE International Ltd., coffee production plant OOO Kraft Foods,
St. Petersburg
Design works execution at elaboration of section Process Decisions and Process Instrumentation.
    OOO Nestle Kuban, coffee production plant
Krasnodar region  
Engineering. Design documentation elaboration. Mechanical installation works. Electrical installation works. Pipelines insulation.
    ZAO Moscow coffee-house on shares
Moscow region
Engineering. Mechanical installation works. Insulation of pipelines and tanks. Complex delivery of electrical equipment, electrical materials. Electrical installation of process equipment.

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