Diary industry

  Food for Schoolchildren Project of the Moscow government
Kaluga region  
Turn-key construction. Performance of functions of the general designer, general contractor and general supplier of the process equipment. Accomplishment of the whole complex of the engineering services. Construction works.  
  OAO Maloyaroslavets dairy factory
Moscow region
Engineering. Design and installation of the automated filtration plant for concentration of the fermented milk at the quark preparation. 
  OOO Volodarsk dairy factory
Engineering. Turn-key construction. Elaboration of the design documentation. Manufacturing and installation of equipment. Electrical installation works. Elaboration and integration of the Process Control System. Commissioning. 
  OOO Laktalis Istra
Moscow region  
Engineering. Design of the pipelines system o f the CIP station. Installation and welding works at pipelines and production lines supports of the cheese spread. 
  New Zealand Dairy Group Ltd.
Engineering. Installation and welding works. 
  Danone Industry Ltd.
Moscow region
Mechanical installation of process equipment and pipework. Electrical installation of process equipment. 
  Unilever CIS Ltd.
Moscow region  
Engineering. Installation of equipment and pipelines for ice-cream production.  
  OOO Ferrum
Installation and welding works at the diary complex. 
  OAO Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, OAO Lianozovskiy diary industrial complex
Mechanical installation works and commissioning works. 
  Nestle Zhukovskoye ice-cream Ltd.
Moscow region
Engineering. Elaboration of process equipment layout. Pipelines routing in the diary mixture maturing department. Manufacturing of tanks. Modernization of the diary mixture maturing department. 

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