Project management

Time management

• Planning of works
An important condition of project completion within the planned period of time is development of a high-quality calendar and network schedule and its further tracking and control over implementation. “Elevar” uses different tools for development of a network schedule including MS Project.

The company is guided by the following principles when the project network schedule is developed:

  optimum decomposition of the works depending on peculiarities of the project and wishes of the Client. Decomposition of the works may reach 5th-6th level for large projects;

  clear definition of the links between activities, allowing for operative reaction on deviation in timeline of activities in order to find resources and develop compensating measures for the connected activities;

  special control over critical path for tracking general time of the project execution; filling schedule with information on material, labor and financial resources.

• Analysis and optimization of the schedule
For optimization of material, labor and financial resources and also time of the works execution an analysis with corrections of schedule is undertaken.

• Tracking and control over schedule execution
Unplanned deviations may take place during the project execution (supply delays, defective materials, etc) or changes (in design) causing increase of time of the works, quantity of involved resources. Making changes in network schedule allows for defining how critical they are for the project execution in general, reveal reserves or develop compensating measures for correction.

In case of deviation a “Plan of compensating measures” is developed including the following elements:

  development of alternative technical solutions;

  re-distribution or increase of resources;

  execution of the works in several shifts

  financial incentive of the employees

  correction of the schedule

An important issue of the schedule monitoring is defining of the progress of the executed works and the project as the whole. Progress of the works in percents is defined weekly on the basis of the ‘job cards’ where materials, equipment and man hours are listed required for installation.

Project cost management

Project cost management allows for its implementation within the frames of the planned budget. “Elevar’s” project cost management process includes the following stages:

  planning of resources and its price evaluation are defined by type and volume of resources required to implement the project and price is defined by unit rate;

  development of bill of quantities – defines project implementation cost in general; basis for defining project price;

  budget control – tracking of events influencing project cost (control over the changes).

Project quality management

Project quality management provision execution of processes inside company allowing for creation of product satisfying requirements and need of the Client. For that purpose “Elevar” has Quality Management System (QMS) on the basis of ISO 9001:2008. Main document of QMS is the Quality Manual, defining procedures of planning, assurance and control of quality.

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