Welding works

“Elevar” has all means for execution of welding works with high quality.

Advanced technologies of welding and diagnosis.

Welding types used: manual, semi-automatic and automatic (orbital) arc welding in argon and mixtures of shielding gases.

Complex control over welding seams: analysis of protocols of automatic welding machine, x-ray inspection, ultra-sonic inspection, visual (with technical endoscope) and other required methods of control.


Modern equipment of world leading manufacturers is used. Use of those allows for minimizing the influence human factor on quality of executed works, decrease production losses due to reparation of the equipment. All equipment used by our company is of portable type, designed for heavy duty use. Our equipment makes it possible to execute the works with different methods of welding as per multiple requirements and conditions.


All welders working on the projects are mandatory certified, practically trained (if necessary) in a production and training center.

All welders of the company are certified as per requirements of “RosTechNadzor” (NACS, EN-287-1) and also Client’s requirements (depending on the project complexity).

Welding of critical pipelines is done by welders certified according to TUV, NACS and having related certificated.

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