Installation works

“Elevar” uses modern technologies of organization and execution of installation works allowing for commissioning and putting into operation of installed equipment with good quality and in short time.

Installation department of the company implements the following types of works:

 installation of tanks;

 installation of steel structures;

 installation of process equipment and pipelines;

 welding and insulation works;

 commissioning of installed equipment and service.

“Elevar” provisions good quality of installation works by means of the following:

 all installation works are executed in compliance with modern standards, sanitary and operation regulations;

 special attention is paid to observation of rules and requirements related to safety;

 the company is doing acceptance and preliminary preparation of materials for installation;

 technology and equipment for treatment of pipelines with special chemical substances were developed and used.

 strict observance of rules and regulations of installation is provisioned for highly hazedous and critical equipment;

 input control is done for materials and accessories.

“Elevar” provisions timely issuance of as-built documentation, makes necessary checks and certifications.

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