Wood-processing and pulp-and-paper industry

  OOO Kronospan
Moscow region
Engineering services. Elaboration of design documentation for the tanks fabrication. Delivery and installation of the tanks. Insulation of the tanks.  
  International Paper company, pulp-and-paper complex
St. Petersburg region  
Engineering. Installation of equipment and pipelines. Installation of equipment on top of the lime hoppers. Participation in commissioning works and putting the plant of precipitated calcium carbonate into operation.
  OOO Eger Drevprodukt, wood-processing complex
Ivanovo region
Insulation works. Maintenance. 
  OOO Kronostar, wood-processing complex
Kostroma region
Installation-welding works. Insulation works. Electrical installation of process equipment.  
  Va Tech Elin EBG GmbH and Co Wood-processing complex OOO Pfleiderer
Electrical installation works.  
  OAO Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar LPK, pulp-and-paper plant
Engineering. Turn-key construction. Complex of electrical installation, from instrumentation to power supply. Delivery of the components and electrical equipment. Commissioning.  
  “Ilim” group
Pulp and paper plant

Detailed design, construction works, installation of utility systems, electrical installation, low voltage systems installation. 

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